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Our education is to advise.For example engineering , medical , management , education.After giving various types of government exams, no further college enrollment. Advising them by our company experts.

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Different types of Loans .

personal loan , group loan , micro loan

We work closely with the poor helpless people.

We help poor people to give loans to them to do business. We support them to make their life easier.

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Students There is no need to over react. Once we get information from university , we will forw

Important information# Dear students College have to send your practical marks. So complete f

Dear students We have sent internal assessment of those students who have deposited their full

SRMJEE EXAM 2020 Cancelled

Admission Session 2020-21 Student Credit Apply Your DRCC Office GOVT.BIHAR New Session Passout Student apply after 15july2020

SRMJEE EXAM 2020 Cancelled

D.ED Dear student, the date for the examination has come from September 1, 2020 to September 11. Education Secondary Board, Bhopal

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Don't worry, our experienced counselor will give you the best college.

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We will give you loan to start your business.personal loan , group loan , micro loan Contact Us

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Bihar Janhit Payment Services

Payment Services & Plans


"Single Page Remittance App" is a easy-to-operate and most user friendly platform where money will move faster without OTP, IFSC and Bene adding.


A bank led model which allows online interoperable financial transactions like Cash Deposit/Withdraw & Mini Statement Enquiry through Aadhaar.


Accept Payments or Withdraw on Your Smartphone/Tablet through our mATM Solutions. Credit/Debit Card Accepted, Real-Time Settlement.


Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against loss.


Take Your Business to the Next Level With our Quick & Reliable Working Capital Loans. Remittance - Document Upload - Get Offer - Loan Processed


We share your shop details like address, google location to clients Client send customers directly to your shop, who want to deposit cash

Bihar Janhit Payment Services Plan

Bihar Janhit Group Private Limited Company.

Our company is a Bihar Janhit Group Private Limited Company of Bihar. Our company work is to provide the best services. Education, Financial and Different services provide our company.

For example, in the fields of education, agriculture provides this type of facility. Company advises more focus on education small business. Our education is to advise. For example engineering medical management education. After giving various types of government exams, no further college enrollment. Advising them by our company experts. To read further. Our company provides business in the finance sector. In this, different types of loans are previdated by the company. Such as personal loan. group loan. Micro loan education provider. This kind of information by our experts. Our company works in this. Our company works in this. Any finance gets from the company or bank whose interest will be according to that company bank.rate.In this, The rate of interest of the company or bank which is loaned is 10% to 15%(percent). Continue read.....


The rate of interest of other Bank & company


The rate of interest of Bihar Janhit company


Happy Clients


The Company Takes its Money with No Interest.


The mission

the company takes its money with no interest.The mission of this company is to have a small business of its own.

Tiring Camp for Farmer

The company also organizes a tiring camp by the front engineer.So that the farmer gets maximum benefit in farming.After that, the farmers are also fined and the government scheme is also made aware for their information.Provides 20000 to 50000 loans for small business by the company


The goal

The goal of this company is to reach the village and villages.Through our company, the women of the village provide help so that they can do any employment at home.

Social Way

We want to work in a social way.To create a new society.Working in this way will give a youth a chance to do business. This company has also thought that the young child should be given Freeeducation. Our company will continue to make such a plan aware by going to village. Hopefully everyone will work well with this company.



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